Monday, December 8, 2008

Interactive Marketing When You Don’t Know Your Twitter from Your Ning

As communications professionals, every member of the c21 team understands the power of the Internet – as both a sales and a communication channel. Some of us might even be considered cyber geeks (but I won’t name any names). Like many integrated marketing professionals, we’re comfortable tweeting away on Twitter, friending on Facebook, using LinkedIn to build our personal and professional networks and debating the merits of iGoogle vs. Netvibes. But we also realize that our clients may not have the same level of expertise in interactive marketing that we have. And frankly, we know how annoying it is to feel like the subject-matter expert you’ve hired to help you is speaking a completely foreign language.

That’s why we take a very measured approach to developing interactive strategies with our clients – starting with getting an understanding of each client’s level of readiness and capacity for the work. Recently, our team led a Social Media 101 webinar for non-profit professionals, in which we explained pros and cons of various applications, showed examples of best practices in their industry and gave participants an opportunity to ask questions they otherwise may never have gotten answered. Sure, we love “exotic” projects like building social media promotions and creative pay-per-click campaigns, but we’re just as amped to help a client monitor their online reputation or to analyze and improve the effectiveness of their existing Web site and search results.

It’s easy to get excited by the bells and whistles associated with Internet marketing, but in the end it’s all about finding the tools that generate results.